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TX³ – MCB 6000 – Thermal magnetic circuit breaker – C curve – prong/fork type supply busbar – 1P – 230/400V a.c. – 16A – 1 module

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  • Compliant with AS/NZS 60 898-1 - AS/NZS 60947-2
  • Do not accept add-on modules
  • 6 kA - IEC 60947-2 - 230/400 V~
  • Easy and fast installation and maintenance by two position DIN clip
  • MCBs TX³ 6000 - thermal magnetic MCBs from 2 A to 63 A - B & C curve
  • Equipped with special DIN rail clamp allowing independent MCB removal with supply busbar in place
  • Compatible with prong-type and fork type supply busbars
  • 6000 - IEC 60898-1 - 230/400 V~
  • Can be equipped with DX³ signalling and remote tripping auxiliaries and motorised controls

Legrand miniature cricuit breaker (MCB). Thermal-magnetic circuit breaker for control, disconnection and protection of electrical circuits against overcurrents. Power supply comes either from the top or the bottom. The location of the terminals allows supplying by pin busbar both sides and fork busbar lower side. Equipped with a din rail clamp which facilitates the removal of the circuit-breaker from the din rail in case of maintenance or replacement without the need to disconnect the entire supply line.

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