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DX³ – compact RCBO 10kA – IEC/61009-1 AC type 30mA – 230V a.c. with neutral lead 1P+N 20A 1 module

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  • Thermo-magnetic circuit breaker
  • Terminals with release type, captive screw
  • On symmetrical rail EN 60.715 or DIN 35
  • Trip-Free mechanism
  • Terminals protected against touching (IP 20)
  • Type AC: Detects AC component faults
  • Conform to IEC 61009-1
  • For Single Pole
  • Single phase (thermal-magnetic protection) + solid neutral – 1 module (1 x 17.5 mm)

Legrand Residual Current Circuit Breaker with Overload (RCBO) and positive contact indication for control. Gives protection against short circuits and overloads, and isolation of electrical circuits. It protects people from direct and indirect contact and protecting installations from insulation faults. There are 2 poles including 1 protected pole and 1 neutral pole. Power supply either from the top or the bottom.

Weight 0.0000 kg
Terminal depth

upstream = 14 mm and downstream = 14 mm

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